Impact Northland T&Cs

1.1. Impact Northland is an outreach of Excite Christian Centre ( In the following, “Impact Northland” or “the Organisers” means the organisers of Impact Northland Youth Event and all official personnel involved with the event; “the Event” is Impact Northland. Eventbrite will be supplying the free tickets (Mandatory Registration) on behalf of the Organisers.

1.2. Our contact details are:
Excite Christian Centre
phone: 09 407 6103

1.3. Ticket Service provider:
Excite Event Ticketing

2.1. By making your registration, you have agreed to be bound by the Event terms and conditions, outlined below.
2.2. I accept that the Organisers are not responsible for any injuries or loss of property incurred at the Event.
2.3. I accept that no literature or materials may be sold or distributed freely at the Event without prior written permission from the Organizers.
2.4. I (The Attendee) accept that I and all members of my booking group will abide by the rules and regulations of the Event, as specified by the Organisers.
2.5. The Organisers reserve the right to evict me and/or my party from the site if I behave in a manner that is deemed unacceptable by the Organisers.
2.6. The ‘age’ categories are ages as at 3rd September 2016. You must be 12 years and over to attend however we do give an exception for 11 year olds providing they are with someone who is 16 years or older.
2.7. The Organisers reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time. The latest terms and conditions will be posted on the website at
2.8. The Event ticket service provider is Excite Event Ticketing .

3.1. Tickets, once registered, cannot be edited by the person making the registration.
3.2. If your requirement for a ticket has changed, you can contact the organiser via our email address or the contact form on the Eventbrite Impact Event page.
3.3 You can register up to 10 Youth (Or yourself as an individual & friends) & 10 Youth Leaders / Adult Supervisors at the same time

4.1. Access to the Event is via a valid ticket or registration reference (i.e. Your First name and Last name as you provided on the registration.
4.2. All tickets & or registrations will be checked/scanned at the entrance to validate entry.
4.3. No person is allowed on site without first presenting a valid ticket or registering at the rego desk.
4.4. All entrants will go in the draw to win a super prize at the end of the night, you will be given a raffle ticket after confirming registration details.

5.1. The advertised line-up, activities and speakers are all subject to change without prior notification.

6.1. Excite Church reserve the right to make use of photographs or video taken on site for the purpose of marketing of Impact Northland. This includes TV, Internet, printed and social media.

7.1. Excite Church values the safety of all visitors, volunteers and staff. Excite will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all present on the site. Your assistance in following the guidance below and instructions in the Event guide, could save lives.
7.2. Any person(s) endangering the facilities and/or other visitors will be escorted off site, reported to the Police, and excluded from this and future events. The organisers reserve the right to take legal action against those persons that are suspected and/or found to be endangering the facilities and/or visitors.

8.1. If you or anyone around you requires medical attention, then do one of the following:
. Approach a Security Officer in high visibility vests.
. Go to the Rego Desk.
. Notify your Youth Group Leader or Group Supervisor.

9.1. If there is a medical emergency (e.g. suspected heart attack, suspected stroke), the visitor(s) should follow this guidance:
. Call 111 for an ambulance;
. Approach a security person. This is very important so that:
1. The onsite First Aid team can be contacted and brought to the location as quickly as possible; and
2. Ambulance(s) can be received by Security and directed to the correct location on the site.

10.13. Everyone on site is required to follow any instructions given to them by our site security personnel.
10.14. Failure to follow a reasonable instruction given to a participant on site could lead to the security personal to ask the person to leave effectively.
10.15. If there are any issues or cause for concern regarding safety and/or security, then approach a Excite Team member wearing a lanyard or security person.

11.1. Access provisions to buildings and facilities on the site have been provided by the site management.

12.1. Should anyone have any special needs, please make us aware by getting in touch with the Organisers who we will make every effort to help and support you.

13.1. Excite Church uses the data entered in registrations for follow ups in circumstances where the attendee has made an altar call which contains salvations, first time and renewal commitment for Christ and Suicide Help or Mental illness acknowledgement.
13.2 Excite Church stores data on a secure management database and is only accessed if we need to get in touch with the participant or Youth Group
13.3 Eventbrite data is used to gain entry into the venue, as well as calculate how many participants are in the venue for Health & Saftey protocols.
13.4 Excite complies with the Privacy Act and will not release documents to the public domain or to unauthorised personal outside of Event Management.
13.5 Excite and Impact Northland may provide Youth Group leaders and Pastors & Help providers with some details so that the youth can be connected. The Youth will be contacted before this information is released.

if you need any more info please contact us.

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