He Kete Aroha

Basket of Love

He Kete Aroha is a way to join together to bless our community in need with baskets full of love for Christmas.
For some families this is the only thing that they get for Christmas, so it’s a real blessing for whanau to receive one of these baskets.  

Can’t do it alone? Kei te pai, you can collectively contribute as a group, with friends or family.

Don’t have time to put one together but would still like to give? We have an account to donate to.

All donations would be appreciated.
Acc Details: 12-3091-0184151-00 Ref: Love Basket

Collect your Kete/basket at the Church Info Desk Sunday morning.
See below for suggestions.

For more information contact info@excite.org.nz

Come and hear our sermons live, we’d love to have you come and worship with us. Every Sunday 10am at the Turner Centre, Kerikeri.