A Statement from Excite Church Leadership

Regarding Covid-19 safety measures

At Excite Church our mission is:

To reach and impact our Community and the world with the Gospel.
Seeing lives transformed and people empowered to serve and lead in every area of life.

Although the world around us has changed, our mission as a church has not, so we’ve gathered the wisdom of our elders, ministry leaders, and other church leaders to come to a united response moving forwards while maintaining the mission God has called Excite to fulfil.

Regardless of a person’s vaccination status or perspective, Excite’s leadership has chosen to remain together in the spirit and harmony of love in pursuit of our mission as a unified church. We therefore will not be limiting the right to assemble for worship by introducing vaccination passports.

Excite Church has always been very supportive of, and has to date complied fully with, the public health measures implemented since the pandemic started. And so, this decision means that we will follow the temporary traffic light guidelines to honour our current government while also respecting everyone’s inherent human freedom to make their own decision.

In keeping with the temporary traffic light guidelines, Excite will prioritise having a strong online presence, as well as encouraging and supporting life groups to meet and thrive in the home while we are unable to assemble in a church building. We will also continue to look for new ways to reach out to our community in a safe and practical way that is consistent with our mission. This might take the shape of care packages, prayer chains, or connecting via technology, among other things

Na reira, in the spirit of love Excite declares:

nau mai haere mai, come as you are,
you are welcome, you belong, you are loved.